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The most preferable outcome would be if colleges and some are doing this preserve the qualified status of lecturers and simply replace their former legal duty to ensure teachers have a qualification with a contractual duty that those employed to teach have qualified status eg Cert Ed, PGCE, DTLLS or QTLS and equivalents.

It may also emerge that the Education and Training Foundation raises the bar by giving a benchmark of quality chartered status to those colleges that preserve their teaching standards via the upkeep of teaching qualifications for teaching staff.

The worst case is that colleges may resort to cutting corners in order to save on costs, for example by employing unqualified staff in a range of ways.

For example, a college could:. Once more the focus on teaching and learning could be relegated to a secondary concern.

Time and energy could be taken up with negotiating around financial figures, student numbers and staff costs rather than curriculum development, pedagogic innovation and community enterprise.

NEU reps will need to be vigilant, identifying the changes quickly, alerting NEU nationally, and bringing attention to any poor practice.

Otherwise we may see a serious worsening of pay and conditions. The teaching role and its professional identity may well, over time, be blurred with other roles and any ladder of opportunity and progressive professional skill formation could be lost.

Colleges could, unwittingly, resort to a variety of costcutting measures that slowly but surely undermine the professional status of FE lecturers and, consequently, the sector itself.

More widely, we could also see the blurring of boundaries around who is teaching, supporting and guiding students in face-to-face or virtual learning environments.

The teaching role could be seen as one among many, deserving no particular status, reward, profile or voice.

We have already seen lowering of pay, increases in workload, reduction in holidays and ongoing casualisation within the sector, such as zero-hours contracts.

Deregulation can only exacerbate these pressures, further undermining the pay and conditions of those in teaching roles.

NEU believes deregulation will be bad not only for education professionals, but also for learners and wider society.

High-status professions are typified by mandatory qualification requirements, strong CPD entitlements and a professional body that provides accountability and voice.

The medical and legal professions are two cases in point, both with respected professional bodies: the General Medical Council and the Law Society both set and uphold standards, oversee qualification frameworks and provide a voice for their professions.

Knowing that a qualified teacher is teaching gives young people and adults the confidence to know the classroom or workshop will be well managed and a place of coherent pedagogic development; that subject and occupational knowledge will be taught effectively; and assessment will be appropriate to the level required.

The regulatory framework dismantled by the current government had made significant progress towards securing parity of status for FE teaching and learning.

Colleges that opt to cut costs and apply the new deregulatory policy will most likely take one or more of the following options:.

Details of the joint trade unions pay claim and pay scales for members working in the further education sector.

Information and advice for members working in a sixth form college can be found below. Sixth form colleges Specific advice for members about pay and conditions in sixth form colleges the Red Book and information about our campaigns in the sector.

Post sector advice and guidance. Funding for Education In desperate times for education funding, post funding has suffered even more.

In addition to all the usual services you would expect such as first-class advice and support both nationally and at local level from your NEU districts and branches, NEU commits considerable resources to supporting our members in the further education sector.

Support staff are a vital part of the education team, and the National Education Union promotes an ethos of the whole-school community.

This is why we will work tirelessly for our support staff members in every workplace. When working with the government and employers we will influence education policies that directly affect our support staff members.

Using your voice, experiences and expertise, we will continue to make a positive impact to your pay, conditions, working hours and career development.

In maintained schools, the local government unions are recognised to collectively bargain on behalf of support staff.

The NEU commits considerable resources to representing our support staff members. NEU is the only trade union that can offer you all of the following:.

The NEU offers free membership to support staff apprentices working in a school or college on a one year placement. This means that should you have any problems at work during your time as an apprentice, the Union will represent your interests, by giving you access to our network of Reps, Branches and paid officials.

Then at the end of the apprenticeship, if you secure a permanent or temporary job in education, you will be able to become a full member of the NEU.

If you are an apprentice working in education, you can take advantage of our offer of FREE membership for the period of your placement, please click here.

As a member, you receive free insurance protection and cover for everything from personal accidents, to loss of or damage to property, including teaching equipment and personal effects whilst undertak.

Watch and share: our members tell the real story of the school cuts that are devastating schools and colleges - and why joining NEU is the way forward.

The Transformers Project is a free initiative to work with employers and learning providers as part of the Union Learning Fund priorities to support the development of training needs and enhance workplace skills.

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Using absence records can be dangerous as it may discriminate against those who have been absent for very specific reasons, eg female staff absent for maternity reasons or those absent because of disabilities.

Criteria alone do not guarantee fair and reasonable selection. Put simply, all new posts should be filled in a fair and open manner.

Job specifications and descriptions should be discussed during the consultation process, together with appropriate grading.

NEU reps should press the college to produce guidelines on how selection criteria are to be measured and applied.

Enough time should also be allowed for members to consider all the available posts, and weigh them up against the alternative of possible redundancy.

If some posts are to be re-graded at a lower level, then it is important that a reasonable period of salary protection is negotiated. If someone is left without a job and therefore faces redundancy, any evidence that his or her selection for redundancy was unreasonable could help support a claim of unfair dismissal.

Good equal opportunities practice should be followed and appointments to new posts made in accordance with established college recruitment procedures.

This usually means using a proper selection panel, perhaps with a trade union observer. Any testing methods used in the process must be appropriate and in line with normal college practice.

NEU reps should be wary of the sudden introduction of a new method unless it can clearly be justified.

This could be a particular problem if the college says it will be using outside consultants. It will be important to find out why they have been chosen, who they are, how much they cost, what experience they have, and how whatever they do will be consistent with employment law and best practice.

Finally, the selection process should have an appeals system built in to allow any question of unfairness to be challenged.

Job offers following a new structure will generally be of two types. Either someone is successful in obtaining a position for which they applied, or someone is offered a vacant post that may be at a lower grade and therefore on a lower salary.

If that happens NEU reps should seek to mitigate the drop in pay by attempting to negotiate a period of salary protection.

Ideally, this will already have been agreed in principle during the consultation period. Members considering the option of a lower paid post should be advised to find out how this might affect their pension.

In a formal redundancy situation the college must seek to offer individuals facing dismissal any suitable alternative employment that is available.

This does not mean any old job that is vacant. It has to be a genuinely suitable job. NEU is recognised nationally for collective bargaining in the FE sector.

However, colleges have the autonomy to recognise unions locally and in some colleges NEU may not have local recognition.

If this is the case in your college and you would like to discuss the possibility of local recognition.

Even where NEU is not recognised, this does not affect our ability to represent members on an individual basis.

Advice for NEU college reps in dealing with the issue and ensuring that restructures are carried out fairly and transparently.

Redundancy has unfortunately become a fact of life for education staff in recent years. Advice on what NEU reps should expect colleges to have in place to protect children and vulnerable adults.

This advice is intended to assist in discussions in relation to recognition and recruitment in FE colleges and sixth form colleges where there are National Education Union NEU members.

Details of your statutory rights as an employee in the Further education sector. In some cases your contract will provide you with better terms and conditions and, if this is the case, those better terms and conditions will apply.

Trade unions set out five tests Government and colleges must meet before staff and students can return.

The system is broken. Colleges are financially struggling, with staff numbers decimated. Tagged in Redundancy and restructure FE Post Who should be consulted?

What does it aim to achieve? How will it work? Will it result in any genuine new jobs with different duties? Will the new jobs result in a heavier workload for the post-holder and, if so, what support and resources will be provided?

How will the jobs be graded? How will people be appointed to the new jobs? Are the proposed selection criteria fair, consistent and appropriate?

Will anyone be displaced? Will everyone still have a job at the end of the process? Can savings be made elsewhere eg cutting growth expenditure, freezing recruitment?

Will the new structure really have advantages over the old? Will the new structure have any disadvantages?

What timescale is envisaged and is it reasonable? What alternatives have been considered? How does the college intend to meet all of its legal duties?

Will anyone be made redundant? All of the above are potentially serious and could result in legal claims. A poll by the NEU finds seven-in-ten further education FE college staff working in England have considered leaving the sector, as workloads rise and many suffer from stress.

An additional five days of annual leave per year. Download PDF. Further education advice and guidance.

Advice Employment rights in the further education sector Details of your statutory rights as an employee in the Further education sector.

Redundancy has unfortunately become a fact of life for education staff in recent years. Ideally, the college should draw up a proposal document, clearly setting out article source reasons for restructuring, the proposed new structure itself and the expected impact. Undertaken properly, it should lead to better decision-making. Post sector advice Neu Fe guidance. If you learn more here a professional in a work-based learning environment or training provider, we provide exclusive advice through our Unionlearn project work alongside the Education and Training Foundation and Association of Employment and Learning Providers. Tagged in Redundancy and restructure FE Post Specialist continue reading In addition to all the usual services you would expect such as Neu Fe advice and support both nationally and at local level from your NEU districts and branches, NEU commits considerable resources to supporting our members in the further education sector. Related content Advice Managing stress and wellbeing in FE This Leo Schwedisch explains Mitgliedschaftsbelohnung Google taking stress seriously and tackling it will make your college a more effective organisation, and how to go about it, with step-by step advice and case studies from colleges. Steps to take Disseminate this factsheet and send out a local newsletter to members. NEU offers you: a pay, conditions and pensions team join Sunny Sunday think on behalf of all staff in schools, FE colleges and sixth form colleges a national official for post education a member advisory group a termly newsletter tailored training courses a yearly conference. Unvollständige Angaben lassen sich jederzeit im Nachhinein in Ihrem Profil noch ändern. Also aufgepasst. Das Spiele BleГџing Mouse - Video Slots Online Profil spiegelt sehr viele Facetten der Persönlichkeit wieder. Denn neu. DE" als Nr. Das ist eine Sauerei. DE beantragt werden. Nur was vom Support freigegeben wird, erscheint als Text im Profil. LoveScout24, Neu. Es können zusätzlich bis zu 20 weitere Galeriebilder hochgeladen werden. Ist more info. Frauen können ihrerseits nach Männern und Frauen suchen. Wie gut und seriös neu.


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